Thursday, February 11, 2010

Post-it notes

I made the little post-it note and then my sis-in-law told me about this cute little box idea on Becky Higgins blog. Becky even has the pdf file you can download and print the cute card about the season of LOVE! She also has additional cards to print (a blank card, a scripture card, etc...)
Scroll down to her February 2nd post

1- cut scrapbook paper (cardstock) 3.25''x6.5''
2- cut a different patterned paper 3.25''x2''

3-Glue your smaller piece (my polka dot) to your larger piece (cute flowers) in the middle of the large paper. (I also added the cute little bracket paper on top of the polka dot)
4-wrap your papers around your post-it note stack and then make your creases crisp.
5-put a glue dot on the back of your post-it note stack and adhere to your cute paper cover
6-EMBELLISH (i added a little ribbon, and a felt flower).
I had made these for one of my YW lessons too (See here) You could make them for anything. They are fast, and cheap but they look cute.

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jkeagar said...

HI! So my bestest friend is your cousin Jessica in Arizona. She sent me your blog and I am hooked!! We made these post-it books for my Mia Maids. I am the advisor. They loved them!! Thanks for all of your fabulous ideas. Keep them coming!
Kristie in AZ