Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lesson 30 lm3 Scripture Study

I thought it would be fun to do a cute little bookmark for this lesson. They are super cheap and sooooo easy...  My kind of handout!

 These are the supplies you'll need:
Black elastic cording about 13'' each book mark
For flower book mark: Cording, felt flower. I found a pattern HERE @ MAKE IT AND LOVEIT
              They used wool felt. I just used some cheap felt I had on hand.
For the Button bookmark: Cording, scrap piece of fabric cut using the pattern on the back of the package. And a button making kit. (they are pretty cheap at hobby lobby)
Glue Gun

 I cut my cording about 13'' and tied it in a square knot on the ends. I then burned the edges with a lighter to avoid fraying. Next just hot glue your embellishment on the knot. That's it!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

summer love

I loved all the colorful details of this June wedding. And I want this cake on this table to be in my front room right now!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Girls Camp Books

We made these A-mazing little books/journals for the YW in our ward for Girls camp. The original idea came from one of our YCL's who had attended a camp in another state.
The books took many hours (we had 32 to make) but it was SOOOO worth it when the girls saw them. They loved them!
 We bought old books from our local library. On the last day of the month they sell a bag of books for $1. Awesome deal huh? It worked out even more perfect that we got a set of Encyclopedias and a few dictionaries that were all the same size!! We spray painted them gold (that was our wards color this year). And put a cute little black vinyl apple (we were an apple tree).

 We glued all sorts of good stuff to the pages.
 We had a few pages that we put pockets we made out of paper. We had a pocket that they could put secret sister letters, letters from home, a strength of Youth etc...
 Each morning and night we have a devotional so this page was a Table of Contents for the subjects of the Devotionals. We also had blank papers in each section so the girls could write thoughts, or memories.
 WE had a little keepsake pocket where the girls could put little treasures they found in the mountains, or from their hike etc...
 We also had a few blank pages that we had the girls pass their books around one night like yearbooks. They all wrote nice things about each girl. The girls LOVED this. I kept catching them reading the nice things their friends had written about them.
We also left cute pages in the back where they could add pictures they took at camp.
We didn't fill every book page. We just cut out the "extra's" with an exacto knife.

Winner Winner

using true random number generator

Winner of the 1yd blush Rufflefabric is...
who said
"I am a follower of your Blog!!"

and the winner of the custom charms is....
I love the necklace! And I have the perfect pictures for it! :) .Thanks for this fun opportunity to win!
congrats ladies!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lesson 28 lm3 Consecration and Sacrifice

Just a real quick printable for this weeks lesson.

If I find some time I may make these? If not I'll save this idea for LESSON 29 Change of Heart.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer Give-away

I thought it would be fun to do alittle summer giveaway.
A custom 2-charm necklace (plastic), with photos of your choice (of your children, a favorite quote, a vacation spot, map of your town, etc...)
1 yard of gorgeous BLUSH colored rufflefabric

1- leave a comment (with your email) telling me which prize you want to win.
2- for a 2nd entry become a follower and leave a comment letting me know you are a follower of this blog!
Giveaway will end Sunday July 17 at 9:00 pm mst

(dress made using less than 1yard of blush rufflefabric)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Chevron quilt

I just finished my first quilt. I can now cross that off the ol' bucket list. But now that it's done I'm trying to decide what to quilt next.  It definitely isn't  perfect but I'm happy with it! I had saved a blog post from a few years ago  over at Purlbee and decided to give it a try. I did mine alittle bigger and alittle different.

 For my bright colored patterned pieces I used Moda's Oh My line. I don't know what fabric the cream and yellow polka dot fabric is. I liked the contrast of the bright colors and the cream.
Cut your fabric in 5'' squares
 With a pencil draw a line down the middle of your square.
 Using your presser foot as a guide, sew down each side of your pencil line.
 cut along your pencil line
 Then  press the seams to set them. I think that's what quilters say? But really I have no idea what i'm doing! I did this about 252 times. (: At first I didn't have the cream/yellow polka dot border, but my quilt seemed alittle too small. I was out of the Oh My fabric so I decided to just do the border.
Next line them all up and start sewing. I did it a row at a time. My quilt is 18 squares by 14 squares. I forgot to take pictures of those last few steps. i guess I was in too big of a hurry to get it done!
 I bought some turquoise sheets at Walmart for the back of my quilt.  I had a cute lady I know do the  top embroidery machine stitch.
Now i just need to figure out what I'm doing with it.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lesson #26 lm3 Repentance

Enter my giveaway for a Lemonade Banner HERE. Giveaway ends 8/14
Sorry I'm a little slow posting this weeks handout. I just got back from girls camp, which was so much fun!
I bought my sidewalk chalk at Walmart. It came in a box of 20 for $1.97. I just put a few in some little cellophane bags and attached this quote.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Lesson 25 lm3 Obedience

I loved this you tube clip  found on sugardoodle.  I thought it was extra perfect because it will be the 4th of July in a few days.

I also loved this talk by Robert D. Hales. return with honor

I found these cute little treat airplanes HERE (family fun) that I thought would be cute and easy. They went perfect with the lesson and handout!