Saturday, November 16, 2013

Evening in Excellence

We had our Evening in Excellence this past week. It turned out Beautiful. I have some pretty amazing leaders! We couldn't do any of it without the amazing Jane.
Our theme for the evening was Stand in Holy Places: Live your life Higher. We wanted something that went well with the general YW theme as well as our ward UP theme.

I loved the talk by Joseph Wirthlin Journey to Higher Ground 
For my talk, I used some of his talk as well as things from Henry B Eyrings new book Choose Higher Ground 
We had it in the cultural hall, and I Loved how it turned out. I found the giant 36'' balloons and the plastic nets on amazon for $1 each. I only put these on 3 of the tables. On the other 6 tables we had pictures of different temples, and a little green & white floral arrangement

Jane painted this HUGE picture of The SLC temple. It is 11 feet by 9 feet. Most of the parents took pictures of their daughters in front of the temple. 
I had the Young Women cut out these cute lil clouds. 
We had each YW bring a few things to display. We told them it could be things they had done for Personal Progress or anything good they had been doing.  
Here is a closer look at the Hot air balloons we made

I found these aluminum bracelet cuffs on etsy for $1 each. I hand stamped them with our theme Live your life Higher. I did find a local trophy shop that would have engraved them for $5 each but that wasn't quite in our budget. It took me some time but it was worth it to me to save money!

I had 6 girls sing the song Temple Spires by Jenny Phillips. I had them sing this as our opening song. It really set the mood for the rest of the evening. It was beautiful. 

 Our program:
Opening song
YW President talk
Video of all the girls doing good things throughout the year
Laurel Talk ( a girl that has received her medallion this year)
Bishop Remarks