Sunday, February 7, 2010

Valentines Box

The week of Love!
Jane is on the Enrichment committee in her ward, and is doing a Valentine idea display. And my RS asked if I would talk about Valentine Ideas for your Friends. I have to admit I must not be a good friend because I've never really done Valentine stuff for my Friends?
The two of us made a few cute things so I thought each day this week I'd post a new idea.
Valentine Box
1- any size paper mache box. (We got ours at Walmart.) We used small boxes. sometimes things just look cute small.
2- Cut out 4-hearts the same size. We mod podged the hearts to chipboard. You could use a cereal box as your chipboard. Put paper on both sides of your chipboard because you will see a little of the bottoms.
3- Glue gun little box to your paper covered chipboard hearts. If you are going to paint your box paint it before you glue to chipboard.

4- Now the fun part... EMBELISH.

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