Sunday, February 21, 2010

YW lesson #7 lm2 Love and Harmony in our Homes

I found this cute quote and thought it went perfect with this weeks lesson. It is a song by the Four Lads

We wrote thank you notes to members of our families so I thought these flower pens would work great. I bought the flowers I used at the dollar store. They came in a bunch of 6 flowers for $1.

I love the books "Quote Unquote". They are by Autumn Leaves.. I bought them for scrap booking but have used them several times for my lessons. They are around $19 at Roberts so use your 40% coupon (:

Saturday, February 20, 2010

YW lesson #6 lm2 Sharing Work in the Home

We talked a lot about how we each go about sharing work in the home. We talked about all the little ways we can help out around the house. Simply picking up after our selves.

I made the girls these YUMMY white chocolate dipped oreos. I just bought almond bark from Maceys melted it down and then dipped double Stuffed oreos into the chocolate. Topped them off with some pink sprinkles.

I attatched the cute handout I found HERE

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Post-it notes

I made the little post-it note and then my sis-in-law told me about this cute little box idea on Becky Higgins blog. Becky even has the pdf file you can download and print the cute card about the season of LOVE! She also has additional cards to print (a blank card, a scripture card, etc...)
Scroll down to her February 2nd post

1- cut scrapbook paper (cardstock) 3.25''x6.5''
2- cut a different patterned paper 3.25''x2''

3-Glue your smaller piece (my polka dot) to your larger piece (cute flowers) in the middle of the large paper. (I also added the cute little bracket paper on top of the polka dot)
4-wrap your papers around your post-it note stack and then make your creases crisp.
5-put a glue dot on the back of your post-it note stack and adhere to your cute paper cover
6-EMBELLISH (i added a little ribbon, and a felt flower).
I had made these for one of my YW lessons too (See here) You could make them for anything. They are fast, and cheap but they look cute.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cute Apron

I forgot to post a Valentine project yesterday so I posted 2 today
(also my good camera's battery is dead so the picture quality with the ol' point n' shoot isn't that great)
1- I bought a cheap white apron at Walmart for $6. It was really long so I cut it off to the length I wanted.
2-Cut 6'' wide strip of fabric. The fabric I bought was 45'' wide so i cut (2) 6'' wide strips and sewed them together so my strip was 6'' by 90''. (Because I wanted it to look pretty gathered)
3- I hemmed up the edges 1/4'' on both sides. (optional)
On a previous apron i just left the edges raw and did my ruffles all different length.

4- about 1/2'' down I sewed my gather stitch. If you don't know how to do a gather stitch

(See here)

5-Gather fabric to your liking

6-Mark on your apron where you want each ruffle. I marked mine each 4'' apart.

7-pin bottom ruffle on and sew onto apron. I have found it is easiest to do the bottom ruffle first and work your way up. Also be sure that your apron Ties aren't in your way. (I have sewed those where I didn't want them a few times)
That's it! Pretty easy! Now the fun part Embellishing the top of your apron. I've sewn appliques (birds, flowers, etc..) or a pocket. But I have been wanting to try some different flowers.

1- for the smallest flower I cut a 2''x45'' strip and hemmed the edges.
2- Do a gather stitch in the middle of your hemmed strip

3-gather up as tight as you like
4-Cut a felt circle about 2''. and glue gun your gathered strip starting on the outside edge working your way to the center.
5-glue gun a cute button, gem, the center of your fabric flower

The 3 flowers on my apron were 2'', 3'', and 4'' strips glued to 2'', 3'', and 4'' felt circles

And Because I used the glue gun and want to still be able to wash my apron I just safety pinned my flowers to the apron.

The Sweet stuff

You usually Can't go wrong with something sweet. Who doesn't enjoy a cute cupcake or cake? The cake was made with fondant icing and I just used scrapbook stickers for the LOVE. You can buy the giant cupcake tins at Walmart, or Zurchers. I just used buttercream frosting and put a tip on my decorating bag instead of just frosting them with a knife. And for me it's always all about PRESENTATION so go to DI and find some cute glassware to
make your own Cakestand

Monday, February 8, 2010

V-day Banner

I have to admit that I'm a little Addicted to making banners. They are fast, cheap, & Easy.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Valentines Box

The week of Love!
Jane is on the Enrichment committee in her ward, and is doing a Valentine idea display. And my RS asked if I would talk about Valentine Ideas for your Friends. I have to admit I must not be a good friend because I've never really done Valentine stuff for my Friends?
The two of us made a few cute things so I thought each day this week I'd post a new idea.
Valentine Box
1- any size paper mache box. (We got ours at Walmart.) We used small boxes. sometimes things just look cute small.
2- Cut out 4-hearts the same size. We mod podged the hearts to chipboard. You could use a cereal box as your chipboard. Put paper on both sides of your chipboard because you will see a little of the bottoms.
3- Glue gun little box to your paper covered chipboard hearts. If you are going to paint your box paint it before you glue to chipboard.

4- Now the fun part... EMBELISH.

Monday, February 1, 2010

YW lesson #4 lm2 Obeying the Commandments

Obeying the Commandments Helps us fulfill our Divine roles. (tootsie rolls)

I really liked President Uchtdorf's talk "A Matter of a Few Degrees". We also talked about the different Roles women have and the importance of each of them. (my week was busy so my YW lesson got pushed to the bottom of my list of "things to do")