Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cute Apron

I forgot to post a Valentine project yesterday so I posted 2 today
(also my good camera's battery is dead so the picture quality with the ol' point n' shoot isn't that great)
1- I bought a cheap white apron at Walmart for $6. It was really long so I cut it off to the length I wanted.
2-Cut 6'' wide strip of fabric. The fabric I bought was 45'' wide so i cut (2) 6'' wide strips and sewed them together so my strip was 6'' by 90''. (Because I wanted it to look pretty gathered)
3- I hemmed up the edges 1/4'' on both sides. (optional)
On a previous apron i just left the edges raw and did my ruffles all different length.

4- about 1/2'' down I sewed my gather stitch. If you don't know how to do a gather stitch

(See here)

5-Gather fabric to your liking

6-Mark on your apron where you want each ruffle. I marked mine each 4'' apart.

7-pin bottom ruffle on and sew onto apron. I have found it is easiest to do the bottom ruffle first and work your way up. Also be sure that your apron Ties aren't in your way. (I have sewed those where I didn't want them a few times)
That's it! Pretty easy! Now the fun part Embellishing the top of your apron. I've sewn appliques (birds, flowers, etc..) or a pocket. But I have been wanting to try some different flowers.

1- for the smallest flower I cut a 2''x45'' strip and hemmed the edges.
2- Do a gather stitch in the middle of your hemmed strip

3-gather up as tight as you like
4-Cut a felt circle about 2''. and glue gun your gathered strip starting on the outside edge working your way to the center.
5-glue gun a cute button, gem, the center of your fabric flower

The 3 flowers on my apron were 2'', 3'', and 4'' strips glued to 2'', 3'', and 4'' felt circles

And Because I used the glue gun and want to still be able to wash my apron I just safety pinned my flowers to the apron.


Jen said...

Super cute! I love it :)

Steve said...

So cute love the apron i am in to apron right know for some reason I never used to were them and know all the time