Friday, July 27, 2012

Super Hero Bday Party

 My Son didn't want a bday cake (lucky ME!) he wanted "sprinkled donuts that look like captain America's shield"
 I painted 4 superheroes that the kids could put their cute little face through. (EASY instructions at the bottom of this post) We also used them for a bean bag toss too.

 These little batman capes were SOOO easy. 1 yard of black felt made 2 capes. I just traced a cape he had and cut it out. The felt was so nice and thick that I didn't have to hem or sew the edges (YEA) I let the kids choose what colored batman they wanted. They drew on the other side of their capes with white crayon. But throughout the party it kind of wore off ):  They just tied in the front around the neck.

 I bought a cheap $8,  4'x8' piece of wood at home depot.  I had home depot cut 2 feet off each board (so they'd fit in the mini van) so each super hero is 4'x6'

The wood I bought had a shiny side so I put a coat of KILZ primer down first so my acrylics would have  alittle grip.

I printed a 4x6 coloring page of each superhero off the Internet and took it to a local copy store and had them copy it to a transparency. It was $1.25 and I could fit 2 superheros on each transparency.

I used a black sharpie when I traced the picture onto the wood. Sounds scary but  It makes t easy to see the black lines under your paint

Put on one coat of acrylic paint. Once it's nice and dry retrace your lines with the black sharpie.

2nd coat of paint. Once it's dry  retrace the lines again with black sharpie. The outline helps bring it to life. It also helps it look nice and finished.