Thursday, May 27, 2010

Vinyl Book Cover

For my laurel that is graduating I made this SUPER EASY & CUTE vinyl book cover. I forgot to take pics for a tutorial. But I did make a pattern with written instructions for future use. I would be happy to email them to you!
I bought a travel sized Book of Mormon. I thought it would be perfect to take to college something you could throw in your back pack, or suitcase. I don't know why the travel ones are more expensive than the regular sized? But the travel one was $5.95 at Seagle Book.
I bought my Vinyl at Home Fabrics. They had the biggest variety of vinyl, and it was the cheapest. I think all the vinyl for one book was about $0.50.
I put it in a cellophane bag with a few of her favorite treats and a card, then tied it off with her favorite colored ribbon.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lesson #19 lm2 Preparing to Teach

I decided to use apple juice for my handout this week. I just covered the "great value" label with some cute scrapbook paper . I found an apple clip art online and printed it onto patterned paper then cut it out and glued it.
I think they turned out pretty cute. I just HATE the blue lids (:

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lesson #18 lm2 Heritage of Righteous traditions

I had some cheap manilla file folders. I am going to decorate them with the word "Traditions" on the front and their name on the little tab part (i'll post pic tonight when I finish them). Then on the inside I will have blank pages with 2 columns that the girls can write:
Column 1- Current traditions they have in their homes & families

Column 2- good ideas for future tradititions.

I am doing a page for the following: Holidays, Birthdays, Righteous, each of the seasons, graduations, anniversaries, etc..

I LOVE traditions and some years I hear other peoples traditions and think Man I want to start doing that but then I forget! So I thought this folder would be perfect to keep it all together.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Lesson # 17 lm2 Family History

I found this cute "MY STORY" journal idea on BECKY HIGGINS blog a while ago and had saved it to my computer for future use. It is such an easy, cute way to journal life. She also has done one that is geared more for adults. The ones I printed were geared for TEENS. Becky Higgins put hers in a binder (1/2 sized binder 5.5''x8.5'') I found some at Office Max but the were $5.99 each. A little more than I was wanting to spend so I had mine spiral bound for $1.99.
See HERE to see what the inside of the journals look like!