Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lesson #43 lm1 Righteous Living

Isaiah 57:20-21
"Troubled sea, when it cannot rest.... There is no the wicked"
I wanted to do a message in a bottle for their handout this week. I looked everywhere for cheap bottles but wasn't having much luck. I found a six pack of Orange Crush bottles. The bottles were really plain and the "orange crush" stickers were easy to remove. The six pack cost me about $3 so each bottle only came to $0.50.

I printed this quote on each of the girls favorite colors. Just added an initial sticker and a little ribbon to make them cute.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lesson #42 lm1 The Courage to Try

My mom called and told me she saw some really cute felt fortune cookies. I thought they would be perfect for this weeks lesson.
I found a pattern HERE.

They were REALLY easy and felt is so cheap! I took some of the discussion topics from the lesson and tried to make them sound fortune cookie-ish.
Each bag had 5 felt cookies, and 4 real fortune cookies. I ended up putting the quote inside the bag with the fortune cookies.

W family!

I went to high school with this beautiful couple. The kids were so funny while we were taking pictures. It ended up getting pretty chilly that night but the kids were little troopers!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

YW lesson #41 lm1 The Ability to Succeed

I divided the lesson into 2 parts.

1st- We talked about our self image. If we have a poor self-image we fail to benefit from our own strengths and talents. I loved the quote by Eleanor Roosevelt "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent". Our attitude about ourselves helps us SUCCEED.

I read the story You Are Special by Max Lucado
2nd- Success
I used President Hinkleys Talk "How Can I Become the Woman of Whom I Dream?"

He talks about the 6 B's (Be Grateful, Be Smart, Be Clean, Be True, Be Humble, Be Prayerful) and if we follow these B's we will no Doubt have success.

I also used President Thomas S. Monsons talk "Formula for Success".
1- Fill your mind with Truth
2- Fill your life with Service
3- Fill your heart with love

I've found with my girls presentation is everything.

I just covered a post-it note stack with cute scrap paper and made a topper for the bag. Easy & Cheap but it looks cute.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sewing itch.

I'm just a BEGINNER but I definitely have the sewing itch... It's been fun figuring things out and I love when I see my daughter wearing something I actually made! Quilt shops are my new guilty pleasure I could spend FOR-EV-ER in one. There are so many pretty/cute/funky fabrics!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

An Oldie

I bought this kit at Pebbles in My Pocket a few years ago. Last year for Super Saturday we made some that were pretty similar.

Evening of Excellence Invite

We have our YW evening of Excellence this week. There isn't really a theme or anything so I kept the cards SIMPLE.