Sunday, March 28, 2010


I saw this cute idea on eighteen25. I didn't have to teach this week because we had youth conference so I took my girls this cute inexpensive lil Easter Treat. I had extra peeps so I made some for my visiting teachers too.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lesson #10 & #11 lm2 Blessings of the Priesthood & Appreciating the Bishop

I taught both of these lessons this week. And since both lessons were about the men in our church I made these cute little paper shirts for their handout. I thought it would be fun but I had no idea how to make one so I just looked up Paper shirt on You Tube. This was the clip I found the easiest to follow SEE HERE
On the back of the shirt I glued this little paper that had things we are blessed with because of the priesthood. It was the list found in the manual. I used an 8.5''x11'' paper for the shirt and a 4''x4'' paper for the paper to glue.
I then taught the girls how to make the little shirts and told them to write a thank-you note to either the bishop or their dads.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lesson #9 A young woman as a peacmaker in her home

I first had the girls make a list of things that had made them angry in the week. Then a list of things that made them happy.
I used a lot of President Monsons talk on Finding Peace SEE HERE

I liked this quote:

We then talked about ways to feel peace. I used the 3 things President Monson suggested in his talk.
Search Inward, Reach outward, and Look heavenward. We discussed ways we could do each of those things.

I then talked about why the dove is a symbol of peace (Noah's arc).
I made these little door hangers for the girls to be reminded to be Peacemakers in their homes.

I ordered this but I didn't get it in time to stamp my own. But I found these cute little charms at Michaels. It came in a pack of 5 and the birds were all different. It was more than I usually like to spend for my lessons but still only cost me about $0.45 each. the girls loved them.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

YW birthday Gift

I was out of town last week and I don't teach on Fast Sundays so I decided to post what I have been doing for the girls birthdays this year.
Gratitude Journals
These are so easy to make all you need is : (4 ) 12x12 cardstock, adhesive, and some cute scrapbook paper.

In the cellophane bag a i put:
1- The cute accordion Gratitude Journal
2- The YW's favorite treat
3-some 4x5 note cards
4-a copy of THIS talk. It is by President Henry B Eyring.
5-Instructions for their journal: Every month for a year find something you are grateful for and either take a picture or write about it on one of the note cards. Glue it into the journal.

I forgot to take pictures while i was making it but I just found a good Tutorial on how to make the accordion books.