Monday, July 29, 2013

Depend On The Savior

 Just a quick handout for my YW. I saw this cute poem on pinterest. 
I thought it would be a good handout to give the girls before school started.
 I love the conference talk by President Uchtdorf The Merciful obtain Mercy 

Free printable.
Just right click and save to your computer then send to costco/walmart etc.. to print

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Value Colors

For our Laurel Class activity this week we made Crayon Art. The girls all did so well and they turned out soooo cute. We thought it would be a fun thing for the girls to display at Evening of Excellence. Michaels has a 10-pack (8x10 canvases) for $19.99.  I used a 50% off coupon making them $1.00 Each. Because it is back to school time most stores have crayons on sale! We found ours at Walmart 
they were $0.50 for a 24 pack. Total cost $1.50
Such a cute craft to showcase the YW value colors!

1- layout pattern of crayons
2- Hot glue gun crayons to canvas
3- We placed our canvas in a cardboard box in case the crayon splattered. Put it upright with a slight angle so the wax can melt down.
4- With hair dryer on HOT and LOW setting hold about 4'' away from crayons keeping hairdryer in motion across small section of crayons. 
5- Crayons start to melt. Melt to desired pattern or look.

 You can find a million tutorials on youtube! It was a quick, easy, and fun activity. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Youth Fireside {AL FOX}

Back in May we were blessed with the opportunity to hear from Sister Al Fox. In April she was Featured in LDS Living Magazine (click to read full article)  . She came and spoke to our youth for a fireside. Her Message was so beautiful and sincere. She is an amazing example of courage and conviction. She talked about not giving up and to always TRY!!
From an article in the Deseret News (click to read full article)
"I had to make a decision. And it's a decision I have to make every day. One you have to make every day. Several times a day. And what that is, to choose to get mad. Choose to get offended. Bothered. Confused. Or ... not.
The decision to keep going. The decision to be happy and follow the Spirit and counsel given ... or not. Choose to have faith. Choose to trust. Or not. What it came down to, and what it always will come down to, is choose God. Or not."
You can read more about her and her story HERE  She also has several youtube videos HERE that are Amazing!!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Girls Camp 2013

Sorry for the lack of posts. My Computer kinda went kapoot. But I have the new one up and running (: We had girls camp last month. It was such a fun week. it's a great excuse to kind of "unplug" from the world. It was Stake camp this year and the theme was Rise-up I'll be what he wants me to be. We were excited because it went so well with our wards 2013 theme Adventure awaits. Each ward was a different Value & Color. We were Faith-White. The stake all had the same hoodies but we decided our ward wanted t-shirts as well. They turned out really cute!
This was the Back. I like to design shirts that I feel the girls can wear again without it screaming GIRLS CAMP!!

For one of our crafts we had the girls paint their own Hot Dog sticks. They loved it! 
We also made several different headbands to make our camp hair cute! They all turned out so cute. I forgot to take pictures of the head bands at camp but luckily I had a cute lil model at home! I found a tutorial at CraftinMechanic

We also had the girls decorate pillowcases with sharpies. It went with our PJ devotional one night.