Monday, August 5, 2013

P.I.E night

We had a pp activity last week. We called it a P.I.E night. 
Personal progress Interviews and a lil Extra. 
WE told the girls a couple weeks prior  to work on personal progress for our pp activity coming up. I told them they would earn tickets for each new experience they passed off before the activity. The tickets would go into a raffle and the winner got to throw a PIE in my face (I'm the YW president) 
They also got tickets for bringing their PP book and for being on time. If they had already earned their medallion they got 5 tickets. After they had their little PP interview that night (just a casual interview to see where they were at in PP) they got a ticket. If they set a new goal they got a ticket etc... 
I had the them write their names on the tickets and put them in a bowl. Some of the girls were nervous and said they didn't want to throw a pie in my face. I told them not to be silly and it was going to be fun!! I also told them they could write someone else's name on the ticket if they wanted. The girls thought that was fun and started trying to earn to tickets to write someone else's name instead!
The girl that "won" was a little hesitant but after I egged her on a little she threw the pie. SO FUNNY!! I teased them saying that if by the next Personal Progress activity if they haven't passed anything off I get to throw a pie in their face (:

I sent a sign up sheet around in RS and asked sisters to make PIE's for our night. They were all so generous and we had so many yummmmmy pies!! I made the pie that would be thrown. Just chocolate pudding and a little whipped cream! 

 That night we had 3 stations. 
1. eat pie and interviews
2. we tied a quilt
3. a little icebreaker getting to know you game.