Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Cookies and Careers

We decided to have simple relief society night activity. We called it Careers & Cookies. WE had our ward employment specialist speak about different career options, Then we had a cookie exchange party. It was a fun relaxing night. And everyone went home with yummy cookies

Clue Night

WE had such a fun Clue Themed RS dinner. 
I started announcing it about a month before the activity. Not giving them much info just the date and time but getting them curious about what it was. 
I asked a few ladies in my ward if they would be clue models for me. I gave them a character and asked them to bring a prop/weapon. I used these pictures as teasers for the night. Each week I would display one of the pictures on our ward RS Facebook page. The sisters loved this!

That evening when they sat down on each table was an envelope that said confidential. I welcomed everyone and had them open their envelopes. They didn't know this but they were all trying to solve the same mystery. I hand wrote a characters name and then hand wrote "Finding joy" so it seemed like every table had a different mystery. 
I added a copy of the conference talk by President Russell M. Nelson "Joy and Spiritual Survival" Found HERE
In the envelope there were also clue cards. Our "places" cards were problems we all face. and our "weapon" cards were ways we could help solve the problem. 
As a table they were to come up with a problem for said character and a solution to help her find joy. It was so fun to hear the different scenarios the women came up with. One was chose financial distress and chose family history as there weapon. They said we should do family history so maybe we can find a rich uncle to help us with our distress. I thought it was hilarious. They then did give some real thoughts on how prayer, tithing etc... could help!
It was November so people still had pumpkins out. I asked a few neighbors for their pumpkins to use as centerpieces. I Spray painted them gold and bought a knife and plastic gun at the dollar store to stick in the pumpkin. I also bought fake flowers and spray painted them black. 

For food that night we kept it pretty simple with a pasta and salad bar. We named all the food like Mrs. Scarlett's killer Marinara
Mrs. Whites to die for Alfredo
I think everyone had a great time. It was a great way to get sisters to talk at their tables as they tried to solve their cases!