Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Girls Camp Recap

We had a wonderful time at girls camp at Mia Shalom. 
 Our Stake Girls camp theme was S.T.A.R.S (Shining  Together As Righteous Sisters). Each ward had a value color. We were GOLD, so fun and so pretty.
For our "Mailboxes" this year my Laurel Adviser made the cutest little buckets. She found the pails at IKEA for $0.77. Her husband then drilled holes in the sides to for the rope handle. They turned out super cute! The mailboxes are where they then can put their secret sister treats, letters, etc..
We had a each of the girls chose a favorite "star" quote to share up at camp.Each day we had a few of them tell us why they chose that quote. They then could glue the star quote in their camp journals.
 I made the girls these cute little Star hairclips and attached them to my star quote. (I just used vinyl paper they have at hobby lobby and glued felt on the back)
Each day we have one of the leaders give a short little devotional. I talked about how we are daughters of a king. I made these cute little star "crowns" to give to them after. I found the star ribbon at Etsy HERE I actually ended up using a bigger star than pictured below but I forgot to take a picture of the bigger one. 
 I challenged my YW to read the Book of Mormon before girls camp this year. They had a few months to do it. I found these adorable necklace on Etsy HERE for the girls that finished.

This year we gave each of the girls a lanyard that had our schedule for the week. On the back was a place they could mark off their certification requirements.
 Each night we had a leader leave a little pillow treat on the girls beds. I'm sad I forgot to take a picture of all of them. 
 these cute little bags were so tiny and cute. They were filled starburst and had the cutest little poem attached. 

Cute little girls camp "prescription" It was filled with skittles. 

 we had a couple of crafts the girls could do each day. Another thing I am sad I forgot to take pictures of some. The girls loved these cute bandanna bags. They were perfect to hold their journals, scriptures, pens, etc...

 This is what our camp journals looked like this year. They turned out great!
 We had the girls make Marshmallow guns. Then we brought different duck & washi tape and let the girls decorate them. We then had some fun little shooting competitions. 
 I saved the decorations we used at our Camp Kick-Off party. see HERE We used them to decorate the pavilion.
It was a rainy week but when the rain cleared it was gorgeous!!

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jane said...

Looks like a wonderful girls camp! Love all of your ideas!!