Tuesday, January 14, 2014

challenge 1: memorize the living christ

I will be introducing the theme for the year on Sunday. I have 4 goals I am challenging to my YW for the year. The first one, is to memorize The Living Christ. I will be giving the girls each this frame. It is so cute, double sided, and cheap. They are at IKEA for 99 cents! On one side it will have the 2014 YW theme. On the other side it will have the section of the Living Christ that we will be memorizing for that month. I am giving the girls 6 months (which should be plenty of time) to memorize it! I think it will be a great testimony building opportunity for the girls!
This picture shows both sides of the gift
Here is a 2014 free printable
Here is my printable for January for memorizing the Living Christ
I have made 2 different sets of cards for this. Both are pretty basic but I think will be helpful.

One is bright and colorful found http://alittlecrafting.blogspot.com/2014/01/memorizing-living-christ-printables.html

and the other set is a little more subtle


I saw these frames as a Christmas gift on Marci Coombs Blog. and knew it would be perfect!( another idea: My SIL is giving them to her YW for their B-days).

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