Sunday, December 15, 2013

Value Plates

We had a fun little activity with the laurels. Our lesson the previous sunday was on Spiritual gifts. For an activity We bought plates at the dollar store and on each plate wrote one of the young women values. I baked each plate at 425 for 30 minutes and let it cool overnight.  We decided to give plates to sisters in the ward that represented that value. It was so amazing to hear the Laurels decide what sisters should get certain plates. We had a list of about 5-6 sisters for each value. It was so hard to narrow it down! We wish we would have made more plates (: The YW each brought cookies to put on the plates.

 We attached a card that said
Thank you for being a great example of our Young women value : ______________
The laurels all signed the card and delivered it to the 8 sisters. I think it something we should make a yearly tradition!!

* After telling a lady in Jane's ward about the plates, they decided to do this for their NEW BEGINNINGS. They chose the sisters and then invited them to their new beginnings. They told the sisters to dress in the color of value they received. They had a Laurel tell a little about why they chose that particular sister for that value. They then had the sister talk for just a minute. I thought it was a cute idea!


Amber said...

Those are beautiful and I LOVE the idea. What kind of plates are those that you can bake? I'd love to do this activity with our young women.

J-ME said...

I picked the plates up at Dollar Tree. I have found that porcelain works best!

Sally Hendershot said...

What did you use to write on the plates? What kind of paint?

J-ME said...

I just used a regular black sharpie marker

Serena Burns said...

I love these plates so cute!

Lauren Nellius said...

So you use sharper marker to decorate, then bake it to set the marker into the plate?