Monday, January 16, 2012

Gumball Necklace (Yw Activity)

 Here are a few of the cute necklaces my YW made at our activity. They all turned out soo cute I wish I had pictures of all of them!  The girls had a great time, and they were all so creative.
My sister in law gave me the idea. She had seen something on pinterest (HERE). They used a nail to drill the holes for but I thought a drill press would work much faster!

I bought the gumballs at Sams Club. I don't have  a membership so I got online and got a one day pass. Just google Sams club one day pass and get a reference number. The gumballs were $18.88 for a pack of 850. GREAT DEAL! I drilled 425 in about 40 minutes.

 Step 1. Position drill press correctly. I used a 5/32 drill bit for the hole.
 Step 2. Drill a hole all the way through the gumball. So you have a hole on both sides of gumball. I chose to drill right through the double bubble logo.
 Step 3. I cut my ribbon to the length I wanted and threaded the end to a quilting needle. I only needed to thread it through a little bit.
Step 4.  Thread on gumballs. So easy!! On the one above we tied a little knot in between each gumball. But others we just threaded the gumballs right next to each other.


Nichole said...

Really cute idea! Thanks!

Alisha Clayson said...

Clear spray paint will seal them. Just spray all over and let dry. That way they won't get sticky and the colors won't come off when the girls sweat. ;)

jane said...

Love the idea! Jane