Monday, May 16, 2011

CD Cover ArT

I've been saving my old CD covers for a while knowing I wanted to make something with them. I listen to some pretty random music but I sure do love it!
"Every Memory has a Soundtrack" has been one of my favorite quotes since college.
I can't wait to put this in my craft room. I love looking at the album covers and thinking about what memories I have tied to the music.
Jane had this Frame lying around in her garage. It was the perfect size for my project.
1st I spray painted the frame White. I didn't worry about taping it off because I was just going to glue the CD covers directly to the canvas. It took about a million coats of white spray paint but FINALLY it worked!

I mod podged the CD covers directly to the canvas. Nice thin coats of modpodge.

I then mod podged over the entire thing to help seal the the edges. I waited for it to dry and did one more coat.


jane said...

Jamie, That turned out so cute. Amazing what cool things you can make out of my junk!!!! Jane

Emily Steggell said...

Ah! love it Jamie!! So cool! I wish I had half the energy you have! :) Thanks for sharing such great stuff- love this idea!

Michelle said...

I love that quote! So true! What fun art. i have a ton of cd covers in a box somewhere. Hmmm. Thanks for linking up with DIY under $5!