Monday, December 20, 2010

Tutorial: Crayon Roll

Cut (2) pieces of Fabric 8.5'' x 16.5"
(I used 1 patterned and 1 plain)
Put Pretty Sides together and sew 1/4'' seam around entire rectangle. Leaving a 2'' gap un-sewn so you can turn it inside out.
Turn inside out, and sew shut the 2'' gap you left to turn inside out.
Fold Fabric 1/3 of the way to create a little Pocket.

I put my elastic right where my little "pocket" is and sew it in the pocket about 0.5''
Then go around entire rectangle with a 1/4'' seam (top stitch) just to finish it off nice.

Now to get the little Crayon pockets.
I just use a piece of masking tape and sew vertically along that line. Then move the masking tape to my next seam and sew another line.
You could get a fabric marker and draw perfect lines to sew on exactly 1'' a part.
But the masking tape is faster for us lazy, non-technical sewers!

That's it.
Put your crayons in their individual little pockets.
roll it up and wrap your elastic around the roll.

These would make cute little stocking stuffers, or little preschooler friend gifts.

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jane said...

The crayon roll idea is so simple -I love it!!! Jane