Friday, December 24, 2010

Jewelry Stands

This is what I made my YW for Christmas this Year. A cute little Jewelry "stand". I attached a cute little pair of earrings to the card.

They are so simple to make. Just like making the cake stands (SEE HERE)

All you need is a glass candlestick holder, a cute picture frame with a little bit of a raised edge, some cute scrapbook paper or fabric, and E6000 glue.

Put your cute paper in the frame and then glue the candlestick to the bottom of the frame. Don't use a glue gun it will not stick and will pop off over time. The E6000 is very durable and dries pretty quickly. I recommend letting it dry at least 24 hours.

The frames I used held a 5x7'' picture.

I made each of them in their favorite color. This was the 2010 YW theme but I added the words STAND TALL to help tie in my jewelry STANDS.

I think it would be a cute friend gift too. You could put a cute picture of their friends in the frame instead of paper.

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Ben and Rachel said...

It's been a while since I checked this blog and I'm in love with all your crafts! I'm thinkin' a crayon roll for all my nieces and nephews birthdays this year. Thank you for that tutorial! The Subway art is so cute too. I love your idea of doing some for the holidays. The camera strap is to die for too..and...oh I could go on!