Sunday, December 27, 2009

Lesson #47 lm1 Encouraging the Development of Talents

I had given the girls their Christmas gift this week so I didn't want to spend any money on the Handout. I just looked around the house for something i could tie into the lesson. I found some powerades we had bought when they were on Sale at Macey's and this is what I came up with? At the beginning of class I had each girl cut out a snowflake. They were all unique just like real snowflakes. All of us are unique and have unique talents. Sometimes we can have similar talents as people just like all snow flakes are similar in that they are white, cold, wet, and fall from the sky.

I also had each girl write 2 talents each of the other girls in the class has.

the 6 steps to develop our talents
1- we must discover our talents. We should evaluate ourselves to find our strengths and abilities. Our Friends, and family can help us do this. We should also ask Heavenly Father to help us learn about our talents.
2-Be willing to spend the time and effort to develop the talent we are seeking
3-Have faith that Heavenly Father will help us, and have Faith in ourselves
4-Learn the skills necessary to develop our talents. (taking a class, asking a friend, read a book etc..)
5- Practice using our talent. Every talent takes effort and work to develop
6-Share our talents with others. using our talents is what helps them grow.

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Heather said...

wonderful handout. I think I may use it for my lesson. Thanks!