Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Canvas Boards

This is what I made for the YW in my class. We went up to the festival of trees for an activity and they loved this Saying.

These are super easy! Black and white pictures turn out best but Color pics also work. Just buy the Ink Jet T-shirt paper that you can run through your printer. (If you use text remember to reverse the image before printing so that it irons on corectly). If you are doing them in black adn white switch your printer settings to print with black ink only. It will work if you just print them normal but it will give them a slight green hue.

Then just Iron onto Canvas (Duck cloth is pretty much the same as Canvas and is sold by the yard at Walmart for cheaper than regular Canvas) Then staple gun onto a piece of wood and add your ribbon to hang it. Pretty dang easy! Add other embelishments, glitter, ribbon, nailheads, etc...

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