Saturday, November 21, 2015

RS Dinner

Well it's been almost a year since I've posted on this blog. I was released from YW and taught Gospel Doctrine for a bit. Now I am the enrichment committee chair.

We had a RS dinner last week and I think it turned out Beautiful. I saw an idea HERE  and loved it! Jane had made this really cool Eiffel tower art piece out of pop tabs and I knew I wanted to use it for some activity and it was the perfect thing for our Decor!

We chose THIS TALK  for our inspiration for the night! We changed it to Oh how we Knead each other!

This was the invitation. It was in black and white so it was super cheap to print! 

For a few weeks before the dinner I had the sisters write little notes of appreciation for sisters in the ward. They could be anonymous if they felt more comfortable. The main reason i did this was just so the sisters started thinking about one another before the dinner. To realize how important and special the women in our ward are. I collected all the circles and hung them up the evening of the dinner in a heart. It was so fun to watch the sisters read all the wonderful things they had said about each other. 
For dinner we kept it very simple and Fall-ish. We just had yummy soups. 
To go with our "knead" theme we had lots of yummy bread! 

For a little take home gift we gave little loaves of bread tied in a simple dish towel we purchased from IKEA. I told the sisters that every time they used that particular dish towel they should think of the Sisters in our ward and maybe do a kind act of service for someone or a quick note to someone. 

 we had lots of Yummy desserts that the Enrichment committee members made. They were all so beautiful and yummy!

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Unknown said...

Hello! this is beautiful and I'm so glad to see you posting again! I get lots of ideas from your blog and I'm grateful!