Thursday, February 13, 2014

New Beginnings 2014

(thanks to my brothers, dad, and husband for setting up the HUGE tent it was like 20 feet tall)

We had a wonderful New Beginnings this year. We went with an "Army" theme and it turned out so cute. 
The Laurels helped with our "New Recruits" (beehives entering YW in 2014). They spotlighted each girl and gave them a cute little gift. (see Below)
The Miamaids did the CUTEST skit. It was a little Army Cadence about Personal Progress. It was cute they made the whole thing up themselves. it was darling. They came marching in and ran through the tires then stood in a straight line. 

1 miamaid dressed like a drill sargeant and yelled out and the others would repeat. 
I now know and we've been told 
setting goals never gets old
I now know and it's been said (others repeat)
Personal progress is good for the head (others repeat) 
I now know and we've been told
get your medallion its worth more than gold. 

The Miamaids each memorized one of the value statements. 
They then took a step forward and repeated in an army strong voice their value
I am a daughter of Heavenly Father, who loves me. I have FAITH (the others would repeat FAITH in unison) in His eternal plan which centers on Jesus Christ, my Savior. 

Then the repeated the I now know cadence and marched off. 

And the Beehives made the Cutest cupcakes. They were even Camouflage and they piped on the frosting to look like grass (See Below) 

 It was a fun CHEAP event to decorate for. Just some cardboard boxes covered in paper, some ruffle fabric i had, some banners made of Paper sacks, and some Tires my mom borrowed from a local tire store!
 Our "target" for the year is to COME UNTO CHRIST. We have made 4 goals for our YW to help them.. We also talked about how each of the 8 YW values bring us closer to our Heavenly Father.
 We gave each girl a dog tag. It has the word STRENGTH and Phillipians 4:13 on it. We talked about how we all need to become stronger Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually.

We also gave each girl a folder with important papers. It had a page of important dates, a list of lessons, S.I.T (Spiritual intelligence Training: Sunday Lesson Schedule, P.L.AY (Prepare, Learn, Active Youth: Activity schedule for the year, A target of our Ward Goals, and Roster)

 We had a yummy dinner served from the "Mess Hall" it was pulled pork Sandwiches, Chips, Carrots, and Water. My mom had these old school lunch trays that were the perfect touch! (I forgot to take a picture of the food of course).

 Here are the Adorable cupcakes the Beehives made. They were even Camouflage on the inside. I LOVED them!

 Here is what we gave our new recruits. We had all the YW sign each one so that the new girls would know we are all in the same troop and are so excited for them to join us!
Here is our Program from the night 


jane said...


katiegils said...

I just love this idea!
By any chance, would you mind sharing the "army cadence" skit about Personal Progress?

Jenny Olsen said...

I love this! Do you have a copy of the Army Cadence Skit that I could have? This is such a cute idea. We are having our New Beginnings in a couple months (we don't have any Beehives coming in to YW's till the end of the year) and I'd love to use this idea! My email address is Thank you so much!


Etienne Brasher said...

I would also love the Army Cadence Skit if you could forward it to me too! This is the cutest idea! thanks for sharing all of your amazing ideas! My email is Thanks again!


Randi Gage said...

If your passing them out I would also love the skit. This idea is simply fantastic and so different from everything else out rhere. I love it. Thanks

Randi Gage said...

I love this theme for New Beginnings! Thanks for the awesome idea. If you're sending them out I also would love what the girls did in the Army Cadence Skit.

Annalee said...

this is so cute! I love it, thank you for sharing! do you still have the "army cadence" skit you did? annaleehunsakeratgmaildotcom

Amy Lemon said...

I adore this (: I'm altering this idea for the 2016 PRESS FORWARD theme and I'm wondering where you ordered your dog tags. Also, I was wondering what your P.L.A.Y. sheet entailed. Thanks so much! Feel free to reach out to me at if needed

Not only a mother said...

Such a cute idea, thanks for sharing!! Wondering where you ordered your dog tags. I also LOVE the a copy of the skit.

Kristin said...

Do you still have your skit that you would be willing to share? We would love to do this with our girls! Thanks so much!

Joy said...

I am also wondering where you all got your dog tags. My email is Thanks!