Thursday, July 11, 2013

Girls Camp 2013

Sorry for the lack of posts. My Computer kinda went kapoot. But I have the new one up and running (: We had girls camp last month. It was such a fun week. it's a great excuse to kind of "unplug" from the world. It was Stake camp this year and the theme was Rise-up I'll be what he wants me to be. We were excited because it went so well with our wards 2013 theme Adventure awaits. Each ward was a different Value & Color. We were Faith-White. The stake all had the same hoodies but we decided our ward wanted t-shirts as well. They turned out really cute!
This was the Back. I like to design shirts that I feel the girls can wear again without it screaming GIRLS CAMP!!

For one of our crafts we had the girls paint their own Hot Dog sticks. They loved it! 
We also made several different headbands to make our camp hair cute! They all turned out so cute. I forgot to take pictures of the head bands at camp but luckily I had a cute lil model at home! I found a tutorial at CraftinMechanic

We also had the girls decorate pillowcases with sharpies. It went with our PJ devotional one night. 

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Savannah Rue said...

so cute! love the head bands! can i have the information on the headbands?