Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Shine: A night of stars

 We had our Evening In Excellence this past week. It turned out great! The theme of the night was SHINE: A night of Stars
Of course I wish I would have taken more pictures...
Here are the Invitations
I gave each girl a card that they could put by their display. On the back the could explain the pp projects/values they have been working on, or write alittle about their hobbies and talents.
 The gym looked so beautiful and really did SHINE!
 These were the little gift bags we had to take home. They were filled with silver/gold candy and a star charm for their charm bracelets (SEE HERE)
 all the cute little chalk board center pieces had quotes or scriptures about stars or shining.
 This is the Display table. I love how it turned out!
My SIL also had her Evening In Excellence. She had a little different set up and I love how it turned out


jane said...

Love those decorations and displays!!

audrey bawden said...

Any chance you rent out your display the backdrop and the flowers with the stars? thank you

J-ME said...

Yes I have rented out the backdrop. email me for info. jkarren4u@yahoo.com

Shelly and Vic said...

How did you make the cute invitations? And do you have any pictures of the program?

AMY said...

wondering if you could give any details on the content of the program? Thanks! akingshere@aol.com