Thursday, March 22, 2012

Camp Kick off {THE LORAX}

 This year our Stake Camp Theme is "Oh The Places You'll Go!" by Dr. Seuss. Each ward was given a color and a value. We have Yellow, and Good works.
The stake asked each ward to choose a Dr. Seuss book to use as a ward theme. Our YCL's decided on The Lorax. I think it will be so fun especially with the new movie that just came out!
We had our Camp kick-off. We use this night to introduce the theme to the girls and to have parents fill out and sign the necessary paperwork.
Here's our invitation. They didn't know our theme yet so we wanted to give them a subtle little hint.

Our YCL's made up a cute little skit to introduce our Lorax theme. It turned out soo cute!
We also had yummy Lorax themed treats

Our Humming "gold" Fish

Chocolate Teddy Graham Barb-a-loots and Marshmallows

Chocolate Lorax Mustaches
I bought the chocolate mold HERE
I bought white Almond Bark from Walmart and used an OIL BASED food coloring to dye it yellow.

Swomee-Swan Nests
I just melted 1-bag of Butterscotch chocolate chips, and stirred in 2-bags 6oz crunchy chow mein noodles. Then topped them with jellybeans

Truffula Tree Sugar Cookies.
I saw this idea on Pinterest. HERE We just used Buttercream frosting instead of Royal Icing.
Right after you get the cookies out of the oven (While they are still hot) just poke the paper straw through the cookie.

 The night turned out great and our girls are so excited for our Lorax themed Girls camp


The Hepworths said...

Jamie you are my hero! All of this is so awesome.

Chris and Michelle said...

You are DARLING! I just found your site and it is full of so many cute, thoughtful, and FUN ideas! I am a YW leader and so appreciate you posting your cute handouts and lesson ideas! You are so clever and such a great example of magnifying your calling(s). Thanks so much for being so willing to share!
~Michelle - Highland UT

Demarcus Family said...

one of the most creative cute events ever!!!

Lorraine Shropshire said...

On your July 18, 2011 blog you have a girls camp book that you put together. One of the images, a girl standing, in a red dress, holding the Bible while looking toward heaven. Where can I find that image? Is it something I can download? Thank you for your time.