Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dreams Really Do Come True

We had our YW Evening of Excellence last night. It turned out so great. The theme for our night was Dreams Really Do Come True. I loved President Hinckley talk How to Become the Woman of Whom You Dream . SEE HERE 
"We are here to accomplish something, to bless society with our talents and our learning... Let the Holy Spirit guide you in all that you do as you look to become the kind of woman of whom you dream"
A huge thanks to Jane for all her help!
Thanks to all the leaders, and presidency who made this night so special for the YW in our ward.

These were the invitations for the night

We asked the girls to have a display for the evening. A display of things they had been working on for Personal progress. I made these little name cards to put by their displays. I glued them to black cardstock with a 4x6 note card beneath it. On the note card they wrote a description of the Personal Progress goals they had completed or were working on. 

We had 1/2 the room decorated in all white (dreamy). I had the old doors from a previous wedding, and I borrowed the amazing backdrop from a friend. I am definitely making myself one ASAP. It is strips of burlap, lace, & Muslin. I added white Christmas Lights along the top. (sorry the pics are a little blurry)
 For the centerpieces we had fresh flowers on 5 of the tables and 5 glass hurricane vases on the others. We gave the flowers to the previous YW presidency as a thank you. The flowers I used were (salal, fuji mums, snowberries, snapdragons, and white roses)
 On the other half of the room we had it bright and rainbow-y. This is where the YW displays were.

For dinner we made chicken cordon bleu. We had rice, peas, and homemade wheat bread. It all was Delicious! 
I had the girls sing Over the Rainbow from the Wizard of Oz. It sounded beautiful. It is one of my favorite songs.
It has the line Dreams really do come true.
So for dessert we had these cute little rainbow cupcakes.

Picture found on pinterest that linked us HERE

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Mela said...

Hi. I love what you did for YWIE/NB. We are trying to plan one as well. I love the backdrop. Can you tell me if it was very expensive to make?