Monday, September 5, 2011

P Party

We had such a fun activity this last week. I am SO SAD I forgot to take pictures!

We had 3 stations and each lasted about 15 minutes
Pedicures- We had little tubs with peppermint salts for the girls to soak their feet. All the leaders just brought fingernail polish from home and they painted each others toe nails.
Pictionary- Our game only had words that started with P. (pageant, pickle, policeman etc...)
Personal Progress- This was a great time for our new Presidency to see where our girls were at in their personal progress.

We had lots of treats for the girls to munch on throughout the night. They loved the little pizza's (bagel bites).

I had a prize for the girl that came dressed in the most "P" items. I didn't know if the girls would really get in to that. But I LOVED when the girls showed up and were wearing so many layers they looked like the little boy in the movie Christmas Story. It was hilarious. There was everything from pink hair, to puffy parkas.

It was such a fun night!

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