Friday, August 12, 2011

Lesson #32 lm3 Service in the Community

I loved Sister Mary Cooks talk from April 2011 Remember This: Kindness Begins With Me
I thought it would go perfect when talking about service.
I made these little Kindness (service) cards to give to each of my girls. I gave each girl a sheet of 9.
I told them to to do 4 acts of service in the next couple weeks. Each time they did a service I told them to fill out this little card to give to the person, and then also to give the person a blank card That they could fill out to give to someone after they do some service.
Kind of like a service chain letter (:


pammy said...

these are adorable! I wish I would have found your site earlier!! Are your ideas available to use?? Thanks! Pam

J-ME said...

Yes please feel free to use any of them. If you do and post it online somewhere please just make sure you give credit to where you orignally got the idea!

rebekkee said...

These handouts are just too cute! Thank you for letting us use them, your time and efort is sooo apreciated :)

Kelli said...

I don't see a link to download your cute handout. I'm not very tech savy, so could you give me some tips?

J-ME said...

Just right click on photo and save image to your computer. You can either send it somewhere to print or print from home:)