Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dry-erase board

What an easy way to "make" a dry-erase board
Supplies: Frame w/glass (I got mine at Wal-mart for $3), scrapbook paper or fabric cut to the size of your frame, and a dry-erase maker. Pretty simple but oh so cute!

(just put your paper or fabric in the frame instead of a picture)

I put the orange paper in mine for fall. You could change the paper for a whole new look with each season.

I added the vinyl "good job!" on the glass. What a fun way to remind your family they are doing a good job! Just keep it on your kitchen table and write a "good job!" for the day, ("good job" on your spelling test, "good job" on the delicious dinner), then erase with a paper towel.

I thought this would be a cute, cheap, and easy Christmas gift. Perfect for friends, YW, VT, neighbors, or family.

other ideas for vinyl: Good Job, Groceries, Reminder, weekly Menu, goals, or Thank You!


Jessica said...

Super cute! Looks like I need to add another project to my long list of project to-do's!

jane said...

Love the Good Job Photo frame. Great Idea. Jane