Sunday, January 17, 2010

YW lesson #2 lm2 Spiritual Gifts

We started out class reading D&C 46:8-26 and discussed a few spiritual gifts mentioned.
"To some is given one, and to some is given another, that ALL may be profited thereby" (D&C 46:12). This is a very important concept about Gifts of the Spirit. The gifts given to each of us are not just given for our own use but for others to benefit when we share that gift with others.

For a treat we had blueberry muffins & i liked the quote I found HERE

"Sometimes you can't see the Blueberries on the surface but if you take a bite there they are. Our gifts are much the same way. We must make an effort to find our Godlike qualities."

I had bought these little hand sanitizers a while a go when they were on SUPER clearance (I think $0.50 at the most). I knew I would tie them into a lesson sometime. It was kind of stretch but it worked?

We talked about how sometimes we use sanitizer to protect ourselves and sometimes we use it to protect others. Much like our spiritual gifts.

For example you may be given the gift of faith and never question the existence of God. You may be given that gift that others would believe on your words, that they might have eternal life if they continue faithful. (see here)

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jane said...

Loved the sanitizer analogy!! Isn't it true!! Jane