Thursday, April 7, 2011

{Ruffle} accessories

Flower Headband

Cute little wristlet.

Step. 1 Cut fabric. I used one ruffle off Ruffle Fabric and some matching organza. Both cut 2'' wide by length of fabric. For the little wristlet I cut the ruffle in 1/2 so it was 1'' step 2. Gather stitch the 2 fabrics together. I sewed the ruffle on top and had the organza stick out about 1/4''. U step 3. Gather step 4. Start rolling fabric in a circle step 5. glue gun a piece of felt to the back of your rolled flower step 6. burn little whispies on organza with a match. This will help keep it from fraying. For the headband we made 2 and glue gunned them to a plastic headband. We put them pretty close together so it would squish the flowers together. For the wristlet we glue gunned onto 2'' wide elastic. For the flower on THIS DRESS we sewed a broach pin on the back so we can remove the flower to wash the dress.

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